Modern Training, Compliance, and Reporting Solutions

Protecting your business, employees, customers and communities by establishing clearly documented policies and employee compliance.
Solutions designed to make Impairment Risk Management affordable, simple, and effective for organizations.


  • Workplace Impairment Recognition & Evaluation (WIRE) Training for Supervisors

    Training built to address Total Worker Health® considerations around workplace impairment. Unique course curriculum derived from and referenced to DEA, DOJ, NIH, NIOSH, NSC, NHTSA, and authoritative medical publications.

    Helps supervisors know what to look for and how to appropriately document and handle workplace impairment issues. Designed to not be disruptive - 2 hour, 100% online, on-demand, modular, ADA compliant, and affordable.

  • Workplace Awareness Impairment Training (WAIT) for Employees

    Simple and quick 20-minute online education course for all employees to understand true consequences of workplace impairment and establish expectations around workplace safety.


  • 100% Anonymous Workplace Impairment Hotlines

    Company specific and anonymous reporting hotlines that automatically escalates potential issues while they are happening, enabling organizations to respond faster. By text or voice message the proprietary system seamlessly directs that notification to the company designated person to address. Established real-time lines of communication and enables immediate action, mitigating safety risks sooner, saving the organization money, and fostering the safety-first culture.


  • Web-based impairment assessment and documentation tool for Supervisors

    Step-by-step documentation logic engine built into a simple web-based application to assess whether a subject is exhibiting signs, symptoms and indicators of impairment. Assists employers in making their reasonable basis determination of suspected impairment which supports the organization’s next step. All content is 100% sourced from and referenced to DEA, DOJ, NIH, NIOSH, NSC, NHTSA, and authoritative medical publications. Free to users who have completed WIRE Certified Training™.