Modern Training, Compliance, and Reporting Solutions
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  • Workplace Impairment Recognition & Evaluation (WIRE) Training for Supervisors
  • Workplace Awareness Impairment Training (WAIT) for Employees
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  • 100% Anonymous Workplace Impairment Hotlines for Employees
  • Automated, real-time notifications for Supervisors
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  • Web-based impairment assessment and documentation tool for Supervisors
  • Automated employee compliance reporting for Management
The cost of workplace accidents exceeds $100 billion annually with an estimated 45% of workplace near-miss accidents being caused by substance related impairment.
This is the most serious issue facing your company that nobody is talking about.

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Why Choose Advanced Training Products?
  • Simple, affordable, and effective way to protect your organization, employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.
  • Proactive tools designed to support Total Worker Health® initiatives

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